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A State of the Art Solution to address Foot, Knee, Hip and Back Problems!

The Sole Solution Difference
Sole Essentials is very excited to bring to you the next evolution in the Orthotic Custom Insole industry. The days of Plaster Casting and replicating one’s foot are soon to be replaced with the advent of more precise evaluation of Static
and Dynamic foot function analysis. Utilizing our “Sole Solution” computerized foot pressure analysis system to take proper foot pressure measurements, we are now able to take these precise measurements and fabricate a customized
pair of Sole Solution © Computer Generated Customized insoles within minutes.


Application of New Technology
Our approach is unique in the orthotic industry. Pressure measurements are performed with state of the art computerized gait pressure systems, capturing the foot while standing and in motion. These measurements (static and dynamic) are then used to analyze the function of the foot during different phases of the gait cycle. The Sole Solution software determines abnormal foot function based not only on the static measurements, but also on the dynamic measurements of the analysis. These measurements are utilized to produce appropriate Foot Supports for all brands of footwear to alleviate and correct individual abnormalities, improve balance and address/prevent pain and discomfort.
“There is no one size fits all solution to foot problems”