Arab Health Conference – Dubai-UAE – U.S. Pavilion February 2013

“A three minute photo op…. Lamar is the consummate salesman…15 minutes later the photo op is over…U.S. Ambassador Corbin bought a pair and left a coin for the a pair of insoles”

U.S. Ambassador Michael Corbin with Lamar Hudson at Arab Health 2013 Dubai-UAE

Col. David Glover – U.S. Army (RET)

January 24, 2014

Lamar: Wanted to know if you are in UAE for Arab Health conference? Hope business is going well…and that UAE offers opportunity. I wear your insoles every day and I am a fan. Would love to stop by and see you…

Michael H. Corbin
U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

AAFES Fort Knox, Kentucky August 2013

“Fort Campbell Team, Hope you are all doing well… We wanted to share an AAFES Long Term Roving (LTRC) vendor with you in hopes that you will be able to work him in your mall area. This gentleman and his team are very professional, has a great set up and I believe he would do very well in your location. The insoles are selling for $275 so they are not “inexpensive “but he has already sold 3 pairs since yesterday afternoon. Not the average insole….once you see his presentation you will understand what I mean. His website is listed below and I have cc’d him on this email. Please let me know if you have any questions… I have listed testimonials from their website”.

Army Air Force Exchange Service – Services Business Manager

Mrs. Jeanae Young Fort Knox, KY


New Road Show/Event Display August 2013 –Fort Knox Kentucky – AAFES LTRC

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Review for Sole Essentials

I visited your airport store at the end of October 2015. At that time, Lamar did an evaluation of my needs and hopefully saved those results. I am definitely still interested in what you can do to relieve my ankle problem. I want to recheck the price, delivery time, etc. with the possibility of a purchase in the near future. Aside: LaMar is a sweetheart!!! As you can see, I have taken my time and have done a comparison with Good Feet and decided that your product better suits my needs. I would also like to be able to look at the shoes you offer. I really like some the styles you offer.

Review for Sole Essentials

Hi, I visited your store on Tuesday of this week. I have chronic pain though out my body, including my feet and ankles, and I was very impressed with your product. I would like to go ahead and try them out for 60 days. The only thing that significantly helps my pain is cortisone. Orthotics and prolotherapy have helps minimally. Anyways, I’m looking for a solution and I was so impressed with how much stability the insoles gave me. I have neck, back and pelvic issues as well so I’m excited to steady using your product. Please contact me when u can so that I can order my pair! :-)) Sincerely, Gina Priolo

Review for Sole Essentials

Lamar, I purchased a pair of  insoles from you at the Huntsman World Senior Games on 10-9-16. I am very happy with the insoles and would like to purchase a duplicate pair for the price of $175. My original order # is ####. This pair should also be of the Sport Style. Thanks, Bill Narath

Review for Sole Essentials

I’m simply writing in my gratitude for your help and my happiness with how well the inserts are working. I am a flight attendant and on my feet for easily 8-12 hours a day on average. Your custom orthotics have truly helped in alleviating the tired feeling in my feet after a long day of work, especially in my arches. I feel as though my posture and alignment are much better. I cannot thank you enough and will recommend this product to anyone seeking to alleviate pain or avoid serious injury down the line.

Review for Sole Essentials

I need to get my daughter’s feet re-imprinted for a new pair of inserts. She keeps telling me that she does feel her current pair of inserts are supporting her arch. If you are coming to Texas, we can come meet you and then you can computer measure her feet. Either way we would like you order a new pair of inserts. You guys got the best product on the market. v/r Robb

Review for Sole Essentials

Hi Lamar, My mother and I both purchased insole inserts at the Birmingham Nationals on 06/11/2017 which were shipped on 07/07 & 07/08, respectively. I believe you said we could order a second pair at a substantial discount and we both are interested in doing so. My invoice # was ##### and my mother Fran Allison’s was #####. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to order a second pair. We both are very pleased with the inserts we received!

Review for Sole Essentials

I want to add my testimonial of the benefits I’ve experienced since getting sole inserts from Sole Essentials one year ago (2016) in Minneapolis Airport where I am based as a Delta Airlines Captain. What initially drew my attention to the store was a sign saying that sole inserts were eligible for Flex Saver reimbursement and I had a limited purpose Flex Saver account with funds which might be lost. For some months prior I had been experiencing increasing discomfort and pain most noticeable as I was walking through airport terminals. My medical history has included a ruptured Achilles Tendon, complete right hip replacement and lower back surgery with fusion of L3, L4 and L5. My existing pain was in both knees, the hip and lower back. Lamar Hudson, the owner was very thorough in his explanation of how and why his product works and demonstrated with an insert the difference in weight distribution. One week after wearing my inserts my pain was gone and never recurred!

Review for Sole Essentials

Thank-you for the insoles. I have had problems for about 20 years, and they worsened significantly in the last 5 years. Chronic pain and days without being able to walk were common. I was on my way through the airport and Lamar asked me to have a listen. I have been wearing the insoles and my life is completely changed. I am walking a lot again (having been using the bike to stay fit), and I am a changed man with a changed stance. ————————— This is Khal Shariff of ProjectWhitecard.com, an educational software company for over 10 years, and I would like to thank Sole Essentials publically for solving an issue that my other appointments could not. Take care Lamar and Merry Christmas. Khal.

Review for Sole Essentials

I have tried every type of orthotic that the Army had to issue, from the soft foam to the leather orthotics to help treat the loss of flexibility and pain in my feet and legs. The army issued orthotics gave out right away from the heavy activity and stress a soldier puts on their feet and gave me little to no relief. Finally halfway through my career the Army made me hard plastic custom orthotics, which stood up a lot better than off the shelf orthotics the Army would issue me. Still they only last me about four to six months, because of the use I put on them as a soldier; and the pain would return. I was a regular at the podiatrist office getting fitted for another pair of orthotics. Even after I retired from active duty, I was not as active as when I was on active duty, the hard plastic orthotics did not last. I decided to give Sole Essentials a try instead of getting my old plastic orthotics for free from Tri Care and having to replace them every four to six months. Sole Essentials makes a great product!

Review for Sole Essentials

I came into contact with Sole Essentials over 3 years ago and have been singing their praises since. I am a physician that worked long hours and by midday my feet would be in excruciating pain, trying not to limp down the hospital corridors. After wearing the insoles, the pain in my feet and knee resolved almost immediately. I became a believer and have worn them ever since. As a traveling doctor I saw the need daily. I worked with the military, elderly, diabetic, and the average patient in different settings, seeing so many conditions that could be remedied by Mr. Hudson’s Custom orthotics. Mr. Hudson has stood by his product. He even personally came to fit orthotics to my narrow feet/shoes and to be available to provide this service to the clinic which I worked. I highly recommend Mr. Hudson and Sole Essentials Custom Insoles product. I wish it were available for all my patients in every state and place that I worked. Sole Essentials Orthotic results are amazing and durable! I tell people about them on a regular basis. Over the years, I have tried a myriad of orthotics including Dr. Scholl’s, TV infomercial shoe inserts, and etc. but none have ever come close.

Review for Sole Essentials

I was limping through the St. Paul/Minn. airport when Lamar called to me from the Sole Essentials store. I went in, told him I was slowly recovering from a broken foot and my foot was swollen from an 8 hour flight. I had a long layover, and in that time Lamar had me go through the computerized tests and try a few inserts until we found one that suited me. He spent a little bit of time customizing the fit and by the time I walked away from his store, I was actually walking, not limping. It was a great relief and the inserts have made a huge difference in my recovery.

Review for Sole Essentials

Lamar, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my customized insoles. Nine months or so I came in to inflight to start a trip. You gave me a complementary computerized exam of my feet. I could see on the screen what I was feeling. I came up to the store and purchased the insoles. I feel much better after a long day on my feet. I can bike without knee pain. I can walk endlessly without pain. That is wonderful. I had feet pain for so long I had become used to putting up with it now I know I really don’t have to it can be a thing of the past. I look forward to getting another pair to put in my heels too. I am climbing in the Andes Mountains in November I couldn’t have done it with the knee and foot pain I had before getting my insoles. Thank you so much. You are so helpful and kind every time you see me in the airport, thank you! Your excellent customer service does not go unnoticed.

Review for Sole Essentials

Worked a flight with my new orthopaedic inserts. Noticed a big difference.

Review for Sole Essentials

I’d been suffering for six months with what has been diagnosed as a partially-torn meniscus. I’d had an MRI and consulted a surgeon before deciding to give you a try. I’m glad I did. In the three weeks since I started wearing the insoles you made me, my knee pain has disappeared. People have noticed that I don’t limp anymore. I tell everyone about my insoles. Thank you again.

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