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I want to add my testimonial of the benefits I’ve experienced since getting sole inserts from Sole Essentials one year ago (2016) in Minneapolis Airport where I am based as a Delta Airlines Captain. What initially drew my attention to the store was a sign saying that sole inserts were eligible for Flex Saver reimbursement and I had a limited purpose Flex Saver account with funds which might be lost. For some months prior I had been experiencing increasing discomfort and pain most noticeable as I was walking through airport terminals. My medical history has included a ruptured Achilles Tendon, complete right hip replacement and lower back surgery with fusion of L3, L4 and L5. My existing pain was in both knees, the hip and lower back. Lamar Hudson, the owner was very thorough in his explanation of how and why his product works and demonstrated with an insert the difference in weight distribution. One week after wearing my inserts my pain was gone and never recurred!

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